Golden Isles Conservation Center

Seven Islands Environmental Solutions, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, has announced plans to create the Golden Isles Conservation Center as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation & sustainability. The Center is being built by local Nahunta contractors and construction teams and is expected to be fully operational by end of 2017.




“The Cox team was enthusiastic about constructing our Golden Isles Conservation Center (GICC) in Brantley County. The area has shown a forward-thinking attitude and commitment to bringing new technology to the state of Georgia. With proximity to Brunswick’s deep water port, rail and air service and the area’s great interstate interconnectivity, Brantley County was the perfect location for our facility. We also were appreciative of how open and welcoming County officials were throughout our process.”

Keith Mask
Vice President, Sustainability, Cox Enterprises


The Golden Isles Conservation Center will initially focus on recycling tires. A front-end system will utilize organic materials, wood chips & plywood scraps to generate heat. The heat breaks down tires into their three original components – synthesis oil, carbon black and synthesis gas – while producing NO harmful emissions.
The synthesis oil and carbon black will be repurposed for many uses, including the creation of filtration systems, rubber hoses and inks, among others. The synthesis gas will generate energy for the closed-loop Center and will be fed back into the grid, creating clean energy for the community.

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