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Georgia’s Wood Pellet Industry Explodes

Wood pellets are all the craze now-a-days. No, these are not the little toy pellets children use to load their bb guns. These wood pellets are the future of renewable energy and Georgia is perfectly situated to capitalize on this opportunity. At the forefront of the Georgia’s bid to become a leader in wood pellet production is the Port of Brunswick and an expansion that promises a bright economic future for the Southeast Georgia region.


Wood Pellet Power

Just what exactly are these little wooden wonders? According to the US Industrial Pellet Association, wood pellets are a combination of low value wood fibers unused by the lumber industry and other low grade pieces of wood. They come from mill residues and thinnings made from weaker and deformed trees. The parts of wood that are left unwanted by other industries are then recycled into wood pellets in order to create a useful product and reduce waste. Unlike coal and oil, this source of electrical energy is a renewable resource.


Europe’s Demand for Renewable Energy

The demand for such renewable sources of power have exploded recently. Currently in the United Kingdom, there are several power plants being converted from burning coal to burning wood pellets. This is greatly reducing the carbon emission footprint of the industry while feeding the energy needs of millions of people.

Rural Communities Benefit from the Demand for Wood Pellets

With the wood pellet industry’s potential for adding new jobs and economic growth to the Southeast Georgia region, the Brantley County Development Authority is putting this development on the fast track. Richard Thornton, Executive Director of the Brantley County Development Authority stated “Brantley County is uniquely situated for wood pellets. We are close to the Port of Brunswick and have thousands of acres of pine forests.”

The region is benefiting from additional assets as well. The recent growth of Nahunta based E-Pellets, which will now produce over 450,000 metric tons of wood pellets annually, and Varn Wood Products allows the area to be economically competitive on a large scale. Supplier growth coupled with easy access to the needed natural resources and increased capacity at local trade ports has given Southeast Georgia an advantage when supplying and shipping the ever increasing global demand for wood pellets.

Port of Brunswick Expands to Support a Growing Wood Pellet Industry

With international demand for wood pellets growing exponentially, ports have begun to expand in order to accommodate the increased shipping needs. With over a million tons of wood pellets produced right here in Georgia and another 3 million tons of production soon coming online, the Port of Brunswick is a logical choice for expansion. This expansion includes an increase in the storage capacity and the speed at which ships can be loaded. The additions will allow each docking vessel that uses Mayor’s Point Terminal to load and unload more rapidly.

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Development Authority
has a new website

It was announced this week that Brantley County Development Authority has contracted with Serva Creative, a locally based web design company from Waycross, to design and host their new website.

Plans are to make the website more user friendly, with new updates to help attract new businesses to their community.

In addition, Derek Harrison, owner of Serva Creative, said that the new site will be completely PC, tablet and cell phone friendly, which is a real plus with today’s technology as so many people are accessing the web on their cell phones.

The completion is scheduled for the end of July 2014.



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Zircon Mining Planned for Brantley County

NAHUNTA, GA – Southern Ionics, a Mississippi-based specialty chemicals company, has selected a 120 acre site in the Winocur Road area of Brantley and Charlton counties to mine zircon and other metals from the underlying sand. Two thirds of the area to be mined is located in Brantley County. Zirconium, which is obtained from zircon, is used in kidney dialysis, antidepressants, ceramics and paints.

Ron Rose, director of mining operations, stated that mining is scheduled to begin in late 2013. The projected date allows time for the company to obtain all of the necessary permits from the state Environmental Protection Division, the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies.


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